Kirk Smeaton is the most southerly village in the County of North Yorkshire and a gateway to Brockadale Nature Reserve


The next meeting of Kirk Smeaton Parish Council will be held VIRTUALLY using Skype (unless restrictions are eased further) at 6pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020.

Any resident who wishes to join this meeting, please notify the Clerk before the date at

Welcome to Kirk Smeaton


Kirk Smeaton is the most southerly village in North Yorkshire.  It is also a civil parish falling under Selby District Council.  Historically the village previously resided in the West Riding of Yorkshire.


The Brockadale Nature Reserve is home to magnesian limestone rocky crags, beautiful flora (like the early purple orchid) and the rare marbled white butterfly.  A great location for walkers and photographers.


Kirk Smeaton and the village of Little Smeaton face each other across the River Went, the most southerly boundary of the original Celtic Kingdom of Elmet, which is probably where the use of Kirk (Church) comes from.  Hodge Lane foot bridge links the villages.


The North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire border lies close to the south of the village.


A railway used to run close to the south of the village with a railway station that opened in 1885 and was part of the Hull and Barnsley Railway Company.  The station was closed completely in 1959.


A history of St Peter’s Church, written by resident Harry Robinson (now deceased), is available in print. 1840 saw the Earl Fitzwilliam bestow land for the foundation of Kirk Smeaton Church of England Primary School.  The school buildings are currently a combination of new and old, with a sports hall and community room (both being available for hire).


A Post Office serves the local community from Main Street just over the road from the popular village pub, The Shoulder of Mutton.





Kirk Smeaton is a gateway into the Went Valley and the Brockadale Nature Reserve which covers nearly 59 hectares of beautiful Yorkshire countryside and woodlands

Kirk Smeaton Parish Council

Mission Statement

To foster the social, economic and environmental welfare of the Kirk Smeaton Parish and to contribute to a sustainable, safe and inclusive community

Quarry Update

Planning Application NY/2019 /002/ENV

You will be aware that the Planning Application for the extension to Wentedge Quarry is being heard in the very near future.  If you wish to object to this Planning Application please contact your local MP Nigel Adam by email: or by writing to: Nigel Adams MP 17 High St, Tadcaster LS24 9AP stating  that you object to this Planning Application NY/2019 /002/ENV and you hope he supports your objection.

Response by the Parish Council to North Yorkshire County Council regarding Went Valley Aggregates' Planning Application

The full report from the Parish Council can be found here

Speeding is a problem throughout our Villages

Report any speeding vehicles to:

Despite being a semi-rural village Kirk Smeaton is very well served by a village Post Office, Primary School and Pub.  A regular bus service takes passengers to Pontefract and Doncaster.

Our church

St Peter's, pre-dates the Doomsday Book and has regular services.

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